2nd Trimester

Still exhausted in second trimester

This is my second baby in 10 years, I am not a active person at all, but for this baby I'm trying to be. I dont feel like I'm over doing it. Any one else felt hausted their whole pregnancy. I feel deafeated, we all etc.

Please help

Re: Still exhausted in second trimester

  • swoffswoff member
    I felt like I got hit by a truck around week 14. I could barely manage taking care of my basic needs, otherwise I was in bed. That lasted about a week or two, and then I just spent the rest of the second trimester functional but too tired to be up and about (walking/standing) for more than 45 minutes or so at a stretch. Unfortunately there wasn't anything I could really do other than try to rest as much as possible and save my energy for the important things. I just entered the 3rd trimester and my energy is starting to come back somewhat. I hope you feel better soon!
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