When is the earliest a NICU baby 26 weekend be released

My baby's name is Luna she was born March 11 2023 she's was 26weeks an 5days when she was born she is 37 weeks an 1 now today an I'm just done with hospital life but I want to make sure my baby is good an strong before we go home she's been on oxygen since she was born an we started feeding bottle an breast at 34 weeks an 3 days but she has bad reflux that causes her to grunt all the time an she holds her breathe she desat to 77 an brings her self back up on her own an also when she's eating she cough choked not all the time but only sometimes but when she gets tired her sats will decrease to 80 or less an work it's way up she just started back on the oxygen decrease challenge where they trial her off of it first time she lasted 10 hrs an she was out back on my baby is always sounding like she's congested but nothing serious I'm really hope we can go home here real soon it just feels like it's never ending an that it will be longer for her to come home ik once she's able to bottle all her feedings then we will start to talk about discharge but most of the time she bottles most of the time but she takes only 37 to 40ml an then has to have the rest put through her feeding tube that's in her nose I love her so much an all I want is the best for her but it's stressful living in a hospital an I just want to know when we can go home even tho she probably will be on monitors

Re: When is the earliest a NICU baby 26 weekend be released

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    Hi there 

    my son was also a premie. He was born at 31 weeks. I fought for him to come home as soon as possible because being away from him hurt so deeply. I truly understand your want and need to have your baby home. That said, Luna most likely  won’t come home until she can take all feedings by mouth. I know it’s super hard to wait but it’s really important. My son came home and then the same day ended up back in the ED bc he had an apnea spell after a feeding and we weren’t prepared.  Trust in your daughter’s drs and listen to the nurses. Don’t let them rush her home even if it’s what you want most in the whole world. I pray for her to come home to you quickly and safely. Best wishes. It does get easier, and harder once they are home. May she grow strong. 
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