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Wanted a girl…..

Anyone have any awkward feelings about wanting a girl but getting a boy? Got my gender results from NIPT yesterday and I’m having a boy. I’ve prayed for a baby and wanted a girl for so long. I know I should be grateful that the baby is healthy thus far but I’m feeling kind weird about it. Anyone else feeling this way? Any boy moms have any advice?

Re: Wanted a girl…..

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    I have both a girl and a boy. Growing up I always imagined having a son then as I got older I didn’t think I could have children. When I found out my first was a girl I was elated. When I got pregnant with my son I was convinced I would have another girl and was a bit disappointed at first, it’s a valid feeling and you shouldn’t beat yourself up. With that said, there is definitely a different bond with my son, and I can’t really explain it. Son’s really love their mom’s different. When I look at him now I’m grateful he is exactly who he is and nobody else. Give yourself some grace and allow yourself to feel how you feel without judgement. You will love your son, if by chance once he’s here you feel like you’re not bonding you should follow up with your OBGYN and possibly a mental health professional since that’s a sign of PPD. Good luck to you and you baby and congratulations 
  • I wanted my last baby to be a girl but he was a boy. I am so SO glad now that I have this little helper, such a gentleman and snuggle bug at 4 years old! My oldest is a girl and although she's 14 now she's always been less affectionate, she's not even girly, really. Sometimes we don't realize that the blessings we get are the ones we really need.
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  • Gender disappointment is real and valid. 

    My husband and I won’t open our NPIT results because we’re not ready to find out the baby’s gender lol. We have a son whom we adore but my husband really wants his little girl and I’m indifferent so we’re waiting until the anatomy scan at 20wks to find out 🤷🏽‍♀️
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