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Reusing bottles

I had my first in 2020 and am due mid-June. I just read that you shouldn’t reuse bottles due to the plastic. Is this true? Do I really need to buy all new bottles?

Re: Reusing bottles

  • betsbirdybetsbirdy member
    Plastic is always bad. But if you buy your food at the grocery store and that plastic packaging on every single item doesn't bother you, then this shouldn't either. I reused ours I also invested in glass ones between the last 2. 

    Boy moms please research all the things that damage and weaken the testerone in boys. Sperm count is down 68% in 50 years. Which is utterly terrifying. We no longer do many things and avoid certain things because of this. We don't do soy. We don't wear polyester especially undies. We don't use lavender. All these things are known to lower testerone and raise estrogen. Makes sense with the times I guess. Just something I've looked into now and have decided to do things differently. Look at how vaccine schedules have changed in those 50 years as well. To deny correlations is naive in my opinion. So many things to take into consideration. But a decline is the male hormone cannot be denied and that this also has ramifications on sperm count. Which will 100% affect us. Now we can try to stop it but we wait too long it may never be able to corrected. 
  • krisku26krisku26 member
    I have used the same plastic bottles since 2017 with 3 kids (soon to be 4). I do get new nipples when they start to discolor. I warm milk in a glass jar and pour it in. So far all kids are healthy… truly the long term effects of plastic are unknown, but it is dang convenient and inexpensive.
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