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Advice needed 37 weeks pregnant

Hi all! I need advice. My OB prescribed me Valtrex because 4 years ago I had a HSV1 outbreak due to oral sex. It was mortifying and embarrassing. I have not had an outbreak since 2019 and had only taken Valtrex that one time to clear the infection. It made me extremely sick and anxious. I was told I can refuse the valtrex but if during labor and delivery I have an outbreak I will have to have a c section which I definitely don’t want. What are the chances I have an outbreak during labor and delivery?? I’m losing sleep over this. I am
already 3cm dilated and hoping my baby comes soon. I hate the way this medicine makes me feel but I am so scared of having to have a c section if I happen to for some reason have an outbreak. Any advice is appreciated thank you.

Re: Advice needed 37 weeks pregnant

  • I’ve not had this experience, but I would trust your doctor and ask for advice. They can probably give you an idea of how likely an outbreak is as well. Then you can decide from there. 
  • betsbirdybetsbirdy member
    My step sister has this and her doctor never gives her an option even. I don't know the severity of her outbreaks, but I know she schedules the cesarean every time. I would be hopeful your doc has even given you a choice in the matter. That probably means you'll be able to do it naturally. Ultimately you don't want to pass it to babe. I agree a c-section sounds awful, but if it's for a clean bill of health, worth it. Guided meditations can help calm you before labor and help you get a good night of sleep. Tons of them on YouTube. 3CM! Things are happening!!!! 
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