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Teething Troubles

LO is 8 months and her bad teething started on Tuesday (almost a week ago). Has had a lot of trouble sleeping at night because of pain. We finally figured out her teeth were hurting, so now giving her Motrin at bedtime is helping her sleep tremendously at night. I’m just starting to get worried it could be something else, because she has had a temp ranging from 99-100.2 since Saturday (today is Monday). I had taken her to the doctor Friday (before she even had elevated temp) just to make sure she didn’t have ear infection; doc said her ears look good and no virus, but she has 3 teeth coming in. Is it normal for baby to be fussy for a week and have raised temp 3 days? Everything I’m finding online says she should have cut a tooth by now. What are your experiences with teething right before baby cut the tooth?

Re: Teething Troubles

  • rac2718rac2718 member
    My 1st son had to work really hard for every tooth he cut. He'd get elevated temps, fussy, trouble sleeping. Sometimes it was a few days. Sometimes much longer- off and on for weeks. Some things to help relieve the discomfort are freezer and fridge teethers, wet wash cloth in the fridge or freezer to chew on, Motrin as necessary. If your baby has an actual fever and not just elevated temp for more than 1 day, head back to the doctor. I was so happy after the last of his molars came in and we were done. Now waiting for my 6 month old...
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