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TFAS w/o May 8

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What number are you trying for?



Ages of other child(ren)?

Any thoughts about this cycle?

Any questions?


GTKY: Do your SO and kids have any Mother’s Day traditions they do for you?

Re: TFAS w/o May 8

  • What number are you trying for? 3, but first two are adopted / being adopted

    Month/Cycle? 6/6


    Ages of other child(ren)? 4 and 5

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Only on CD 3, so none yet 

    Any questions? Nope

    Rant/Rave? I took my 5 year old to an acupuncturist yesterday to help his sleeping (he didn’t want needles so they actually did acupressure and cupping). I know it takes a while to get results from TCM but I was still hoping he’d sleep better last night and he didn’t. Oh well. We also have herbs so we’ll see if that starts helping before his next appointment.

    GTKY: Do your SO and kids have any Mother’s Day traditions they do for you?
    No traditions, but I do already know what present they are getting me because when H ordered it, he used my email so I got the confirmation email. I’ll have to just act surprised when the kids give it to me lol
  • What number are you trying for? Third living child

    Month/Cycle? 10/7

    WTO/TWW? TWW! 

    Ages of other child(ren)? 6 and 2

    Any thoughts about this cycle? We will see- my husband is living four hours away so our timing was… what it could be. -1-2… so not totally out (it’s possible!) but not ideal 

    Any questions? Anyone moved with little kids? We are starting the process and it’s daunting

    Rant/Rave? All conditions have been met for our house we put an offer in on! So we are just waiting on the bank- aiming for a closing date at the end of the month! 
    Picture of our new home in the comments- built in 1780! 

    GTKY: Do your SO and kids have any Mother’s Day traditions they do for you? We always went to brunch with my mom when I was a kid. I can honestly say I have literally zero interest in going out to eat with small children soooo…. The tradition is I sleep in. 😂

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  • @britters314 I ordered my own present. 😂 I got a Dyson ball multi floor. And yes it’s amazing. 🤣

  • halfanewthalfanewt member
    What number are you trying for? 3

    Month/Cycle? 5/3? 


    Ages of other child(ren)? 4, almost 2! 

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Nervous. Hopeful. The usual. 

    Any questions? My oldest is asking if I can grow a tiny egg so we can have a 3rd kid. Yikes. Any recs on birds and bees books for littles? 

    Rant/Rave? We were all sick last week. I’m still playing catch-up and I’m tired. 

    GTKY: Do your SO and kids have any Mother’s Day traditions they do for you? Besides breakfast, no traditions yet. It’s been fun every year, though, so we’ll see! 
  • @charmedlifex3 We moved twice with our kids, once when they were ~8 months and 1 1/2 and once when they were 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. The second time it was super easy because we hired movers so I really recommend just doing that.

    @halfanewt Well technically they are right about the egg lol. No book suggestions, sorry
  • @charmedlifex3 yes to the movers.  Is it in-town move or like hours away?  The biggest help to us during our last cross-country was on moving out day and moving in day having a friend watch our kids for a big chunk of the day.  Also pack your essentials last, so that you can unpack them in the new place first (think what you would travel with — a few sets of clothes + toiletries/sleep essentials plus towels/hand soaps/trash bags, and then a couple boxes worth of essential kitchen stuff that will get you basic breakfast/lunch).

    @halfanewt it’s not a book but @birds__bees on Instagram is great.  They call it a drip-drip-drip method but it’s a way of explaining the idea to different ages with age-appropriate terms (& anatomy is just called what it is).

    What number are you trying for? 3

    Month/Cycle? 2/2, 1AL, about to be benched until TSH is optimal.

    WTO/TWW?  TWW, 12dpo and spotting started

    Ages of other child(ren)? About to be 3, and 5

    Any thoughts about this cycle?  I’m (mostly) at peace with things.  Just WFAF.

    Any questions?


    GTKY: Do your SO and kids have any Mother’s Day traditions they do for you?  This is so bad but I truly can’t remember.  I just want a nap in the afternoon and then in bed early for the night.
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  • @virginiaham it’s about four hours. But it’s also kind of a weird move because we are keeping our old house as a vacation home. We are moving from Vermont to Boston, so it’s close enough to come on weekends to get out of the city- and we bought this house right after the housing crash and refinanced at 3% last year so it’s building equity pretty rapidly. We MAY air bnb it, so we plan to take personal items but we don’t have to get everything, (like all the random things in the attic can stay) and plan to have “essentials” in both places. My husband has been living in an apartment out there for the last 11 months and coming home on weekends. 
    @britters314 movers is 💯 my plan. I mean. Hopefully I’ll be pregnant when we are moving (the house needs work so we won’t move until august when it’s done) 
    @halfanewt the “a book about” series is awesome for those tough conversations. 

  • halfanewthalfanewt member
    @charmedlifex3 congrats on the house! So cute! We moved last June with littles. Take people up on the babysitting and help moving offers. Get colored tape to put on kids boxes so you can find and unpack faster. Movers are an awesome idea - we couldn’t get them because of timing and it was A LOT of packing on a short deadline. Also fun to plan a special floor picnic, time to explore the new place, other things to make it fun. 
  • @charmedlifex3 LOVE the house! We moved about 2 hours away when my daughter was 4 and my son was 6 weeks. I second the recommendation for having help with the kids if you work it out. We had grandparents watch the kids on both ends and it was super helpful. Obviously with a 6 week old I wasn’t that much help myself, but it allowed me to do the last of the packing between nursing breaks. 
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