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I see you Strolling

I see you strolling

I see you mama! I see you. I was you. You’re a mess, there’s no way of sugar coating it. Your hair… I mean when’s the last time you washed it? It’s greasy and bless it, however you were able to knot it on your head is how it will stay all day. I suppose you’re lucky you even found a hair tie with the current disarray of your home. Your shirt is old and sized to your pre baby body. It’s decorated with spit up and maybe even some crumbs from the meal you ate cold, no SCARFED cold. It’s not healthy and you haven’t meal prepped or made a proper grocery list in… well since this baby came. Your empty weekly meal plan board taunts you every time you pass it. Your husband doesn’t get it because… well he’s a husband. Your other friends seem like they also don’t get it with their meal boards filled out, their husbands happy, their clean hair, their smiley babies and their pre baby lululemons that fit like a dream.

I see you.

I know what you were like in your last stage of life. Strong, independent, energetic… showered. I know you were a teacher, executive, lawyer, etc. I know you had adult conversations daily and looked like a dang dime. I know you and your husband had a healthy… relationship… and dated each other like the well rested 20somethings you were.

It wasn’t that long ago but overnight you became a caterpillar in your cocoon.

A few tips for this time:

Be honest about your struggles. You’re not alone and those people who keep it perfect on the surface are in turmoil underneath. Someone needs to hear your story, someone relates. Find those people and you know what? If you DON’T, you’ll still be fine.

Your marriage may be AWESOME but it will quite likely SUCK. For a while. It will be cyclical in its good and bad times. It’s also in a cocoon phase as your husband struggles with his new roles. Never underestimate what he may be going through. Don’t count on him to communicate and make sure no matter how much you bend that you don’t break because the other side of this thing is a marriage one million times better than the newlywed one.

More than anything, lean on God. You are going to feel so alone in your cocoon. Your baby is NOT going to make a good listener. Your relationship with God is going to grow as you lean on Him, the best reason that you will never be alone.

This cocoon time is so special and it will lead to so much growth. Sweetheart please don’t rush it, and when you come out of it, I’m here. to. tell. you.

Being a butterfly is freaking awesome. Is it perfect? Is it easy? No because it’s life. But dang it’s good. Life is so sweet. You have built in besties. You are stronger for the strife. You can breathe now. So keep the faith, soldier on, savor this special time of growth as much as you can and just know that the other side of this is the most beautiful life you’ve ever lived.
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