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If I don't have my baby soon, doc said induction next week. Terrified and nervous, so do any of yall mama's have positive induction stories or advice/tips for the day i have it done? I have my bag ready, and my anti anxiety stuff. But I'm not sure what to expect in this area of having a baby. Thanks yall 🫣🤔

Re: Induction?

  • jeep4x4momjeep4x4mom member
    You can ask to have a membrane sweep. It’s a tad uncomfortable so you can go into labor more naturally. Induction is unpredictable as they give you medication to go into labor and you can end up having contractions every minute. But the nurses will see it and dial back the medication. But it’s not all bad. I had my first daughter in start to finish 6 hours. But all bodies are different. The best you can do is breath and express what your feeling and the nurses will help you. You got this and keep telling yourself that too. 
  • ashleyp625ashleyp625 member
    I was induced for high blood pressure with my son the first time. It was not a planned one, and it took 2 1/2 days because he wasn’t ready and they didn’t turn the medicine high enough the first day, but I actually didn’t mind the experience because I was worried about going into labor on my own. When he finally came, pushing was quick and then it was over. Not a bad experience for me at all. 
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  • No experience here, but my OB casually wanted to schedule induction for 39 weeks because I'm old. I told her I was hoping to avoid it, and she's ok with that. You probably know this already, but my doula reminded me that there are alternative methods of induction that are not pitocin. So hopefully you can start off more gently if that's what you prefer. 

    Good luck :) 
  • babyk521babyk521 member
    I was induced with both of my babies and they were both very positive experiences. I have an induction set this time around for just after 40 weeks and I am expecting I will likely end up being induced as my body doesn’t seem to like to start the party on it’s own! (Please no critics, I have gone to 42 weeks and I am all set on doing that again)

    have you had a cervical check at all?
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