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Feeling like I am 7 months only 13 weeks! Anyone ? Help!

mandyhoneymandyhoney member
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Never posted before. Reaching out because boy oh boy do I feel different this 3rd pregnancy. I am 43 and started out with twins and one vanished. I feel the discomfort of a 7 month pregnancy. As in I feel like my rib cage is huge and stomach is already stretched too far below the bra line. The heaviness is unreal, mostly in the stomach region. (I don’t feel like I am having labor pains) It just feels like Im already farther along. Anyone experienced this with later pregnancies?

Re: Feeling like I am 7 months only 13 weeks! Anyone ? Help!

  • Yup, my third pregnancy rocked me, and I am 37. My first two were in my early 30s. I don’t really have advice, just wanted to say it sucks in older age, at least in my experience. At least there is an end to it. 
  • jeeves25jeeves25 member
    I looked 6 months pregnant during most of my 1st trimester because I was so so bloated. It was very painful and very annoying.. it eventually went away.
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  • jeeves25jeeves25 member
    I remember the cause now! Ha 😂. It was the prenatal vitamins I was on. They made me so so bloated
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