December 2023 Moms

Wellness Wednesday 5/3

What are you doing this week to keep up with your mental, physical and emotional health?
PG #1: 36w5d 12/25/19
PG #2: EDD 8/15/23 Miscarried 9w1d 1/11/23
PG #3: EDD 12/15/23

Re: Wellness Wednesday 5/3

  • Yesterday I went to the ER because starting at 2am I couldn’t stop vomiting, couldn’t even keep down water. Today my body is so exhausted, and luckily I have some nausea meds now. This week I had gotten in a couple of workouts that felt good, now I’m just going to focus on resting and trying to nourish my body and baby. Looking forward to getting back to workouts though. And I’ve been listening to some first trimester affirmations each morning which has been a lovely way to start the day 
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