December 2023 Moms

Hump Day Bump Day 4/26

I know it's early, but people are starting to get into their 2nd month, and we can totally pretend our bloat bumps are actual bumps LOL!

Drop those cute bump photos here!
PG #1: 36w5d 12/25/19
PG #2: EDD 8/15/23 Miscarried 9w1d 1/11/23
PG #3: EDD 12/15/23

Re: Hump Day Bump Day 4/26

  • Lol!! No bump just bloat but if I threw on a maternity top right now you all would think I was due in a few months 🥲
  • Sooo much bloat!  I notice a definite difference already.  My posture was definitely better at 5 weeks though 😅
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  • LOL the 8w bloat is so real. I’m starting miralax and hoping it helps in a few different ways 😝
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