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How many calories is everyone eating a day? (13 weeks here)

Hi everyone! I have always been mindful of macronutrients and calories, but hormones have thrown that out the window. My doc stressed the expected “lean protein, low carbs,” but didn’t give an approximate calorie goal. I was just wondering where everyone is at with that? Thank you!

Re: How many calories is everyone eating a day? (13 weeks here)

  • linh18linh18 member
    Hi, my recommendation would be to just add a few snacks, or beef up your current snacks and meals a bit. (Ex. If I'm having eggs in the morning I just add an extra one, add some peanut butter to an afternoon snack, a glass of milk with a meal etc)

    Technically they recommend between 300-500 extra calories during pregnancy but really if you are hungry go ahead and eat! Just don't overload on junk food if you can help it. 😀 (But if junk food is all you can stomach, then that might be what you have to eat for a season). Don't forget, babies need healthy fats to develop, like the fats found in nuts, fish and eggs.

    I'd say go with the recommendations your doctor gives, especially if you have prior health concerns, but also grace for yourself in pregnancy is important, your body is doing a lot of work growing your little one! 

    Also one of my favorite evening snacks is a banana, peanut butter smoothie with milk (and sometimes chocolate). It really helps on the days I think I didn't get quite enough to eat. 
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