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Potty training clean up?

Hey all,

I am gearing up for potty training and I just obtained a potty with liners. It even has a flusher that makes sounds haha. I was thinking about the cleanup aspect of it and I was wondering, has anyone used cat litter in it to help with smell management and cleanup? 

Re: Potty training clean up?

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    Not sure what liners offer. We just emptied and rinsed the pot in the toilet and we never had smell issues. I would use 409/paper towel for poops after rinsing. 
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    Try to have as little difference between what a toilet really is and their little potty training toilet because they’ll rely on every single little difference in the future. For example, when teaching a child to use the regular toilet, they might think, “I don’t want to use that toilet, it’s not like the one I used before.”
    It usually won’t smell if you clean it out every time, and I highly recommend—it’s just me—to go to the regular toilet as soon as she/he gets the gist of using it to help you with having to clean it out every single time.
    Little toilet ladders/step stools/built in toddler toilet seats are heaven sent. As a mom of 5, I’ve already decided against the little toilets (they get used to them and it’s a nuisance for clean-up) and rely on the real toilet to help my kids learn.
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    ВвеYou don't need to use cat litter, just rinse the pot right away so it doesn't stand filled, and there will be no odours whatsoever дите комментарий
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