It's twins

Last week had a little scare and ended up getting a scan at 10+1 to be told that BOTH babies were doing really good and both measuring at 9+5 I am beyond delighted as this was our little rainbow baby so even better theres 2! 

Are there any good up to date Twin forum groups?? This multiples forum seems so very quiet and I have 1001 questions........anyone else currently expecting twins?? 

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    awesome news, massive congrats 
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    Sure! Congratulations on having a pair of twin daughters! Twins bring unique joy and challenges, but they also bring double the happiness.

    When it comes to taking care of twin daughters, here are some suggestions and considerations:

    Time management: Caring for twins will require more time and energy, so effective time management is crucial. Create a schedule that balances the time spent caring for both children, and make sure you also have time to rest and recharge.

    Matching outfits: For twin daughters, you can choose to dress them in similar or identical outfits, which can enhance their connection and create an adorable look. Many stores offer matching clothes and accessories for twins, so you can select styles and designs that suit your daughters.

    Sleep arrangements: Twin babies may have different sleep schedules, but establishing a consistent sleep routine is important to promote their sleep. Create a comfortable and quiet sleep environment and ensure they get sufficient sleep time.

    Delegate tasks: Look for family members, close friends, or professional caregivers who can help share the responsibilities of caring for twins. Having support from loved ones or hiring a nanny can provide you with extra assistance and give you time to rest and attend to other tasks.

    Individual attention: Try to allocate individual attention and bonding time with each daughter. This helps them develop their own personalities and build unique parent-child relationships.

    Seek support: Join social groups or online forums specifically for families with twins to connect with other parents, exchange experiences, and share advice. Connecting with parents who have similar experiences can provide practical support and emotional connections.

    Remember, every family and child is unique, so it's important to make adjustments based on your specific situation and your daughters' needs. Enjoy the precious moments spent with your twin daughters and witness their interactions and achievements as they grow!
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    Congrats!! Twin mama here! They turn 5 this month. Pregnant again, I’m HOPING it’s just one this go. 😂😂 but if not i guess I’ll know the drill.

    I put my babies on the same feeding and sleep schedule, for my sanity. It wasn’t hard at all, they’re basically used to being in sync anyways. I let them sleep in the same crib for a bit as newborns and then moved them the more mobile they got to keep them safe. One of my favorite items i got was called a “twin z pillow”. It’s like a double boppy. I used it to nurse, as a pregnancy pillow, for their tummy time, I’d lay them in it and give them baby toys as i did chores nearby them, and sometimes I’d pack it when we’d go somewhere and let them nap on it.
    i heard about the “my breast friend” pillow but this pillow did wonders for me, more than just using to nurse. For the price i felt it had more bang for its buck.

    I think sleep and feeding schedule are the most crucial, If you’re going to nurse them, learn to tandem nurse as quickly as possibly, to again, save you time and keep the same schedule.
    If formula, I’d use the z pillow and prop them up and give them both a bottle using both hands. It’s hard when they’re newborns, feeding them both, but if you can get enough support pillows or extra hands, that shouldn’t be too hard.

    So happy for you! My babies are growing up and i remember everything from their birth like i just went into the hospital yesterday. Watching them interact was so sweet, it’s wild how they can comfort one another and I’d put them in one spot and they’d inch back to another and cuddle up. 🥰 you’re in for the sweetest treat. In the beginning, like I’d like to think any baby season goes, you’re in survival mode for a bit, then it becomes your normal!

    Here if you need anything or have any questions! 💓
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