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April crafting/cooking/etc

Anyone making anything this month? Either for baby on the way or just because. This is the place to share! 

I didn’t see that we’d had an April discussion yet

Re: April crafting/cooking/etc

  • ki1244ki1244 member
    It rained here, finally, and immediately 3,915 dandelions popped up in our yard. So my daughter and I picked a bunch today and I'm going to give making dandelion syrup a try.
  • @ki1244 last year I made dandelion tea and it was so good! I want to make dandelion jelly because I hear it tastes like honey and I’d love to be able to add it to my raspberry leaf tea!
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  • @ki1244 I’ve never of dandelion syrup, but it sounds interesting. The most we do with them is sometimes I pick the leaves if I forgot to buy lettuce (or over harvest when we have garden beds going)
  • ki1244ki1244 member
    @justyouraveragemama I thought about trying jelly but I'm too lazy to work with the pectin. I'll say this though, unless this is the most amazing stuff ever it's one and done for me. Picking those damn petals was cathartic at first but after an hour I'm ready to set our yard on fire. I have the tea part steeping now, and then tomorrow I guess it's just strain, add sugar, and simmer away. So if you didn't mind making tea last year, skip the jelly part and just add sugar and you have syrup to add to your tea!
  • lmn823lmn823 member
    I’m not making anything but I am growing seeds. Don’t have much land since I’m in an 800 sq ft apt but I do have two balconies! So I’m growing different types of flowers, along with cilantro, parsley, jalapeño peppers and sage. I get a lot of sun and definitely had some trial and error during Covid lockdown but seem to be mastering the apartment gardening. 
  • @lmn823 I miss the limitations of a balcony sometimes. We were in an apartment when DS was born and we moved into a (rental) house when Covid happened because we panicked about parks and exposure and I really wanted him to have more outside space. So now we have 2 yards that are exhausting to maintain 😅 It’s also been raining so much this spring that I only just today started getting my garden bed ready and planting. 
    I’ve been doing some sewing, a little bit of clothes, a Bobby pillow case, and a Moses basket bassinet sheet. 
  • lmn823lmn823 member
    @tumbleweed-1 I have to say when it comes to my friends and family buying houses, that’s one of their biggest complaints is the maintenance. Especially in NY we just tons of leaves and then snow for the winter. The perks about my neighborhood is there are huge parks nearby and downstairs in my apt building is a children’s playroom. My SOs dream is to have a big backyard with swing set etc, but I’m enjoying these easy moments so far since 800 sq ft vs say a house with yard doesn’t take too long to clean 😅
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