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Feeling sad, low, depressed?

Hi all,
currently sitting at 8 weeks 4 days, started experiencing “morning” sickness/ debilitating nausea at week 5.5. I still have lots of food aversions coupled with heartburn but no longer throwing up which is great. But since about week 6, I’ve been overcome with what I could only imagine compares with mild depression. Sadness, no desire to do anything, can hardly laugh at a joke from my husband, feeling so lonely. Nothing feels good. Eating is a struggle, doing anything around the house feels like climbing Mt Everest. 
Having a hard time with this. Just feels like I’m trying to wade through mud that keeps pulling me down. 
Anyone else dealing with anything similar? Would help to know that I’m not alone?
The phrase “I should be happy & grateful” keeps coming to mind but it’s not helpful at all. 

This is my second pregnancy. First one ended is an 11 week miscarriage in January of this year. 
Is this the first baby blues? 

Re: Feeling sad, low, depressed?

  • @tiffyb11 I know I lost my first later too and with my second I was sad and would not celebrate or look or think baby stuff until I passed that time. Maybe subconsciously that is what is playing a role here. I'm sure once you hit 12 weeks you will start feeling better. If not talk to your doctor (OBGYN) so they can help you during this time. 
  • @tiffyb11 Depression during pregnancy isn't uncommon, and I definitely recommend you talk with your doctor. I have also had 3 pregnancies end in MC, and it is really hard to feel happiness, especially this early. Please be kind to yourself. Your doctor will definitely want to know how you are feeling, and they will want to monitor how you are doing because depression during pregnancy should not be ignored. Your symptoms sound very similar to the PPD symptoms I experienced after my last pregnancy, and it was awful. I had never dealt with it before then, and the mind can truly be cruel. 
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