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Help! Need Sister name for Marguerite, Genevieve and Josephine!

mamagaslymamagasly member
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Hello! My name is Anastasia, my husband Andrew and I have 3 daughters, Marguerite(Maggie), Genevieve(Evie) and Josephine(Josie). We haven’t found out our new babies gender yet, but we are more than likely having a girl. I am scared we’ll never name her, as my husband is quite picky.

I am very worried I won’t be able to find a name I love that flows both with their names and nicknames. I love older french names, but my husband only like names ending in E. He says it flows and he’s usually yelling for them. He says he wants it to roll off his tongue when he yells for them.

Names he says flows, but isn’t in love with - Calliope, Annalise, & Katherine. He and I both really like Annalise, but we aren’t to sure because our daughters life long best friends nickname is Annie & I don’t see another nickname matching our daughters. I like Calliope, but he’s not even though he suggested it, and I refuse to name her Katherine as his mothers name is Catherine.
Names he doesn’t like - Penelope, Francine & Camille.
He and I also both don’t want them to have the same initial. Please help

Re: Help! Need Sister name for Marguerite, Genevieve and Josephine!

  • We already decided if we did have a son his name, just worked for if we have a daughter.
  • 00kim0000kim00 member
    Adeline or Adrienne (Addie)
    Coraline (Cora)
    Angelique (Angel)
    Antoinette (Toni)
    Dominique (Dom)
    Eloise (Ellie)
    Emmaline (Emma)
    Isabelle (Belle)
    Nicolette (Nicole, Nikki)
    Rosalie (Rose, Rosa)
    Salome (Sally)

    You could also stick with Annalise and use Lise for a nickname
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  • Madeline (Maddie). Adeline(Addie). Cassandra (Cassie)
  • savnanasavnana member
    Suzzette - (Suzie) 
  • Mirette (Mir), Collette (Lettie), Alouette (Ally, Lou), Odette (Odie, Dett)
  • Davina da vi na
  • Lillian or Lillienne (Lily)
  • mb0112mb0112 member
    Not sure if your husband is saying he wants the name to end in E or an E sound at the end of the nickname. 

    I really like the suggestions of
    Adeline (Addie) or Adelaide (Addie) as alternative 
    Rosalie (Rosie)
    Emmeline (Emmie)
    Cassandra (Cassie or Sandy)

    Isadora (Izzie)
    Calista (Callie)
    Corinne (doesn't need a nickname but Cory?)

  • swoffswoff member
    I'm confused about the ending with an E thing, as all of your daughter's names have a silent E at the end of their names. 

    I do notice that they have an ee+consonant sound at the end and that may be what he's actually gravitating towards (eev, een, eet). But I'm not sure why Katherine made his list then. Is it because of Katy as a nickname?

    And I really think you can consider Annelise, "daughter's early childhood friend" does not have to be within the circle of people that you have to worry about interfering with your name preferences. I've also seen Annelise's go by "Lissy" (leesy)

  • cmill828cmill828 member
  • I have been going over a similar set of names! It was really neat seeing Genevieve and Josephine in your post because those are on my short list for our girl. Our other names trend British, though:


    Annalise is absolutely lovely, though, and I think friends having the same name or nickname or similarities in names is just fine. <3
  • (If not Annalise…)
    I like the suggestion Eloise (Ellie). Feels like it matches the cadence and sound patterns for both the full names and nicknames with your other girls.

    But really I was just gonna comment that your shouldn’t NOT pick a name you really like because it’s another kid’s name/nickname. Even if it is someone who is close. If you agree on it (no small feat), and it feels right for you and your family, you should go with your gut.

    Even out of all the suggestions I like your idea of Annalise. If not Annie, someone suggested Lissie, but also Allie or Nallie?
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