October 2023 Moms

The Sex Thread

Use the poll to vote on the sex of your baby(ies). The poll is anonymous, so feel free to share your news in the comments! 

If you are not finding out until birth, vote Team Surprise!

The Sex Thread 39 votes

Team Boy
28% 11 votes
Team Girl
48% 19 votes
Team Surprise!
23% 9 votes
0% 0 votes

Re: The Sex Thread

  • I will hopefully be finding out any day now! Just waiting on my blood test results! I’m convinced it’s a girl, my husband is convinced it’s a boy. 🤣
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  • mimsermimser member
    We confirmed we are having a girl yesterday after last Thursday's scan was also pointing towards girl!
  • It's  a giiiirl! Excited for my first daughter to have a sister 💕 
  • AmMcc12AmMcc12 member
    Just got the call. We are having a low risk boy! I knew I was meant to be a boy mom, big brother, will be so excited!
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • I finally got my Qnatal results back today! Having a healthy baby girl! I’m so so excited and happy and thankful! I have two boys, and this is probably my last baby, so I’m so excited to have my boys AND a little girl now!
  • kodon26kodon26 member
    @mizzoumomma11 Congratulations!! 💙💙💗
  • We had the exact same thing! Us and many others were convinced it was a boy, but found out from NIPT it’s a baby girl 🩷

    honestly just still so excited to be parents we’re happy either way. ☺️
  • Found out on Thursday that we are having a boy! I’m so excited for my son to have a little brother. 
  • sawasapsawasap member
    We had our anatomy scan today and found out we're having a girl!
  • chani84chani84 member
    We’re having a girl!!!!! 🥰 I was sure it was a boy, my husband and my mom were both sure it was a girl. It’s so exciting!!!!!!!
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