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Symptoms Chat - April

How are ya'll feeling?

Re: Symptoms Chat - April

  • mimsermimser member
    I haven't been digesting so well lately and I have to pee all the time still 🙄
  • @mimser - The stomach issues are such a pain! I hope you get some relief soon.

    I have been *crosses fingers* feeling better since Sunday. I have started to notice that "heavy" feeling in my lower abdomen, especially when laying down. And my boobs are beyond sore. But I'll take that any day over all-day nausea. 

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  • The digestion issues are the worst! I'd rather have nausea.
  • Nausea all day, every day. The doc prescribed zofran, which helps reduce the nausea just enough to avoid throwing up, but I still have a low grade nausea all the time. 

    Can’t wait for it to ease up. 
  • chani84chani84 member
    I’m so tired 😭 I’m just exhausted…12 weeks plus one and I’m tired beyond what words can describe. Nausea comes and goes all day. Really hoping the promise of the second trimester comes true 🤞
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