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7 mo baby not rolling over?

Hi everyone. So my baby is 7 months. She can stay sitted up on her own if I prop her up. She can also roll from belly to back, but she still can’t roll from back to belly on her own. Is this typical? She does plenty of tummy time. By what age should she be able to roll over on her own?

Re: 7 mo baby not rolling over?

  • Back to belly is definitely the more difficult direction for lots of babies. If you want to help her practice, have her grab her feet while laying on a mat and rock her in 1 direction. Slowly help her into the roll. You want her head to arch back lifting her chest so it doesn't pin her arm. Then try in the other direction. My son was a preemie so we have early intervention visits. At the 4 month visit, that was what she recommended to practice but said back to belly might take longer.
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    Mine did back to belly but yet to flip from belly to back. funny. they will get there
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  • If your baby looks like they are swimming or skydiving when on their belly or suffers from acid reflux there is something called back dominance. There are some exercises you can do to help with that and eventually that will help your baby roll and also help with crawling.
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