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Feeling overwhelmed

People say to me you are so lucky to work from home with your baby. I know it's a blessing and happy for being able to be there and catch the milestones but I'm overwhelmed. I miss my family and being closer to them. Here it's just myself, hubby baby. I need help hubby doesn't understand how it feels. I feel guilty for feeling this way. But 38 and 1st kid is different from 20s. The energy levels are not the same. Not to mention not feeling beautiful or attractive. It's hard my daily routine is get up when my son does, bottle, play, try to work in between, then he naps, I clean, he gets up do it all over again press repeat at least 3 times during the day and add a bath for both of us in between and cooking and working a full time job. Then bed for him, my time to clean the kitchen make his bottles, pack hubby breakfast and lunch, clean the kitchen have a bath and bed for me. Then up twice to give him a bottle and if he's in the playing mood pray he gets tired quickly. Then he's back up by 630 and I'm running on 5 hours interrupted sleep. I love my family just wish I was closer to home where I know I wouldn't be feeling so alone.

Re: Feeling overwhelmed

  • Are you able to utilize some sort of child care during the day? At least a couple days a week. You are going to run yourself down! Hang in there, mama! 
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    Sounds like you're doing all you can to keep your head above water. Maybe it would help if you give your husband specific action items that would help your day go smoothly? Instead of trying to express to him that you feel overwhelmed, switch it up and tell him that it would really help if he starts making his own lunches, fold the laundry a few times a week, etc. Even though he can't understand your feelings, he can still help in ways that might give you room to get on your emotional feet. Maybe he also can take over one of the nightly feedings since your baby is taking the bottle? Also, it's ok to let some things go. Don't feel guilty about that either- you're the life support system for your little one and that's an enormous task.

    I'm sending you positive vibes! Best wishes from another working ( and overwhelmed at times) mom!
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  • You would think your husband would step up and say “let me help you”, but unfortunately most men don’t function that way. I also work from home (WFH) with my 6-months old. There’s a false notion that WFH is so “lucky”, and it’s not when it comes to caring for baby while working. Women who have to leave the house for work get 8 hrs break from baby duties and are far less stressed out than those who WFH constantly on both work and baby duty 24/7. It’s just me and my husband as my family live out-of-state, so I have no support because I do everything myself. It came to a point where I was so overwhelmed I cried of anger and exhaustion. I decided to tell my husband I needed him to step up and help with the baby before someone gets hurt ( hinting my husband hahah j/k). He’s now on bootle cleaning duty to ensure there’s minimum 3 clean bottles for me at all times and occasional dinner duty. He holds my bay when I need 30 minutes me time as I shower ( or do whatever I please) for my sanity. Just try it. Use your husband for support. You are not alone
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