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Is there hope after RPL?!?!?!?

Someone please help me! My doctor has given up on me. They cannot find anything wrong with me but staying pregnant has been such a difficult journey. I’ve experienced miscarriages in the double digits. My recent IVF round showed all my embryos had the same rare chromosome abnormality. I want so badly to have one child. Is there even hope when the doctors don’t even know what’s wrong?

Re: Is there hope after RPL?!?!?!?

  • 00kim0000kim00 member
    I'm so sorry for your losses. How traumatic to lose so many :-(

    If all your embryos have the same chromosome abnormality, it sounds like they *do* know what's wrong. Have you considered genetic counseling? If you can figure out if it's you or your husband that's the carrier (or both) and whether all of your embryos will continue to have it or just a percentage, that can give you guidance moving forward. If there's a decent chance some of your offspring won't inherit it, you could keep trying IVF and testing. If the chances are low, you can consider egg or sperm donation depending on who the carrier is. It's sounding like it's either a dominant trait or something you're both carriers for, so you may not be able to have children biologically related to both of you. Aside from egg and sperm donation, you could consider embryo adoption, fostering, adopting, or being "complete as two". I'd also suggest therapy, both for the grief over not having the family you desired in the way you expected, and to help you think through next steps as you learn more.
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