September 2023 Moms

Does anyone else suddenly hate their SO?

*googles: why do pregnant women hate their partners?*

I’m about to enter my 14th week and despite the discomfort, have been fairly easy going up to this point… but I’m starting to want to spartan kick my partner off the bed at night. I’m tempted to ask AITA but he keeps waking me up when he can’t sleep at night and checking in his phone which is not only infuriating, not helpful if you already have insomnia. Last night was particularly bad when he got up to drink kombucha at 3AM and then open mouth burped it in my direction. It literally smelled like vomit. I think any sane person, pregnant or not, would agree he’s definitely being the asshole. How do I get him to realize he’s being horribly inconsiderate AND stop waking me up?!
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