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Baby Measuring Small?

Hi everyone,
I haven’t gone for an ultrasound since my anatomy scan which was at 20 weeks. At that ultrasound my baby was measuring at exactly 20 weeks. I went to my GP this week and she did the fundus height measurement thing by measuring with her fingers on my belly and said she was seeing 24 weeks. This concerns me. Should I be concerned?

Re: Baby Measuring Small?

  • 1st: how far along are you?
    2nd: no disrespect but I would trust obgyn over gp anything baby related unless trained for OB and actually delivers babies. 
    3rd: I thought fondus height was done with a tape measure not fingers???? That seems very odd IMO. 
  • 00kim0000kim00 member
    We can't know from this info. Is your doctor concerned? You mentioned she used her fingers, did she use a tape measure? How many weeks along are you?
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  • I’m 27 weeks currently. She didn’t seem concerned, but like we’re all saying, she’s a GP, so when she didn’t seem concerned I started to get concerned because she isn’t an OBGYN and isn’t as knowledgeable on. Whether I should be concerned or not. She started at my pelvic bone and moved up two fingers each time and said, “I’m measuring 24 weeks”. I replied, “I’m 27 weeks” to which she said, “could just be the position or how small your baby is”. I went to my midwife two weeks ago. She measured me using a tape measure, but didn’t tell me the measurement or mention any concern then. Two weeks have gone by since and my concern was that the baby isn’t growing 
  • Seriously, I would completely disregard that measurement.  Yes, baby could have been positioned differently, I have never heard or seen the "two finger" measurement, if there were issues prior I'm sure the midwife would have said something.  
  • I should mention I feel the baby kicking often 
  • Thank you 💗
  • 00kim0000kim00 member
    Yeah, I'd disregard that. Any measurement done with fingers instead of a measuring tape should be seen as a very rough estimate, not relied on for accuracy. Look to fundus height (your midwife may be able to show you how to do it yourself at home if you're curious) and ultrasounds for a better estimate. They're all still just estimates, btw, and can be off by quite a bit. For fundus height, my midwife said they only get concerned if it's more than 2cm off. I'd not be concerned right now at all, and next time you see your midwife, ask her what your measurements is (fundal height in cm roughly equals gestational age in weeks)
  • Thank you so much I appreciate your responses 
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