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Baby Not Tolerating Formula

Please help! I’ve been exclusively pumping for six weeks except for the first few days while he was in nicu (where he had formula and was fine). During almost this entire six weeks I’ve had a stubborn case of nipple thrush that has survived all prescriptions/otc treatments. I’m going to try a strong course of gentian violet, but I don’t want to give baby the purple milk - which is why I’m trying to supplement with formula during this process. I’ve tried multiple formulas, even the same ones he had in the nicu…and every time even with just one half formula bottle a day he becomes the most fussy baby EVER. I’ve tried the gentle formula which helps a little better but the outcome is the same. He has no visible signs of discomfort/sensitivity to the formulas except for his extreme fussiness. It’s like he’s a different baby on the formula. I’m in so much pain from the thrush, and it’s extremely upsetting to see him like this. Is supplementing with formula supposed to be this hard? Has anyone else dealt with this? Should I try the goat milk? Goat milk is the only one we haven’t tried yet. 

Re: Baby Not Tolerating Formula

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    Have you tried Alimentium? Neocate? Soy formula? I'm not saying any of those are the answer, just that there might be more options than goat milk. Call your pediatrician, he can help you figure out what to try next. And another plus is they'll have samples so you won't have to buy a $60 can of formula to learn it doesn't work for your child.
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    If you can, try 50/50. I do half formula half breast milk to make 3 bottles of around 100ML for the mornings when husband takes baby and I sleep more. (120-150ML BM, 150ML F).
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