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HELP - Crappy Announcement Timing

Next week we are planning to tell my 14yo stepdaughter we’re pregnant. A day or two later, we’re going to visit my mom (2 states away) and make the announcement. SD has been begging us to have a baby for years and I know will want to be part of announcement to my mom (her Mimi). It’s also my first baby and it’s important to me to tell my mom in person.

My dilemma is: I just found out my SD’s school is taking a full day next week to have an in-depth health class regarding reproduction. I’m so concerned the timing of this is going to make SD feel awkward and dim her excitement. I mean, she knows about the birds and the bees, but I feel like having it so fresh in her mind is going to be cringey for her. What would you do? Pull her from school that day and talk to her ourselves another time? Change travel plans? Proceed as planned? Not sure what to do.

Re: HELP - Crappy Announcement Timing

  • lindz42lindz42 member
    I think I would proceed as planned. If you pull her out of school that day, I would assume that at 14 she would want to know why. Proceed as planned and try not to bring up the school programming-- that might make it awkward. Not sure if I would share the news before or after that school day though, maybe before? 
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