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PGAL check-in w/o 3/13


How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically?

Any appointment updates?

Any big milestones?


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Re: PGAL check-in w/o 3/13

  • Weeks/EDD? 13w4d / 9/14

    How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? Emotionally, mostly okay this last week (but, also very busy with other kiddo stuff and work). Physically, just still freaking exhausted!! I wish I could have a weekend all alone to just sleep.

    Any appointment updates? Nope, next isn’t until 4/3

    Any big milestones? 14 weeks is when we found out something was wrong with our daughter, so getting past that will be…weird? Not as hard as it will getting past 17w3d which is when we lost her, but just…weird.

    We did finally tell our parents/siblings. ILs were shocked all around - I guess they didn’t think we would want to have another baby after how hard it was to lose one or something? I keep telling myself I’ll start telling other people now, but…I haven’t. I may just post on social media to avoid having to directly tell people, ha.


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  • @runningyogimama I get the getting past milestones, ours was last week but we technically didn’t find out until 16 weeks so it’s this weird knowing period. I’m so glad baby is doing good and praying you get some rest soon! Also I’m think I’ll have my mom post on social media so I don’t have to deal with any of it lol. 

    Weeks/EDD? 15 weeks 2 days/ 9/3

    How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically?
    Emotionally this last week has been awful. Starting to get past it but it’s such a weird feeling that this baby is now older than older  last baby ever got. 
    Also just exhausted. Waiting for the second trimester energy boost but it has not kicked in yet. 

    Any appointment updates?
    We have a couple extra appts for the milestone weeks (just dopplers) but last weeks went well, and I checked the heartbeat yesterday and was still doing good.

    Any big milestones?
    Riley’s, our last baby, due date was Thursday last week and that along with hitting the 14 wk 2 days with this baby (the approximate age Riley died) was very emotional.

    Feeling a little better this week and not as angry, but still just a little angry at the people I’m close to bc they ask me how I’m doing then don’t respond when I’m honest that this is hard… not sure what they want from me, maybe to just be happy this baby is healthy (which I am) but I still am grieving the one we lost..: idk it’s a weird mix of emotions. 
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  • @sdunstan That last part was a huge part of why I wasn’t in any hurry to tell even our families - I feel like once everyone knows, they’ll expect us to stop grieving for our daughter, like it just works like that and babies replace babies. 🙄 I also don’t think people who haven’t been there before realize you can feel those opposing feelings at the same time, and it’s not either or. 

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  • @runningyogimama exactly! I can’t turn off the love I still feel for the other baby even though I’m so very grateful and love this baby. Thankful you understand, helps me not feel as crazy. 
  • @runningyogimama i totally understand your emotions of anger. we've been so slow to tell ppl this time, to the point i've even told my husband in a few social settings that we are not telling anyone. i have two close friends who just, ugh, like never checked in on me last year - i had 3 surgeries under anesthesia last year you would think that would a big indicator of it being a big deal even if you don't understand everything around fertility - so i dunno, i almost just feel like they don't deserve to know right now? i know that's also weirdly petty. 
    @sdunstan i'm glad your provider is able to give you those extra doppler appts!

    Weeks/EDD? 14w/Sept 13

    How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? good, on both accounts. a little tired, making a really strong effort to get 8-9 hours of sleep each night. 

    Any appointment updates? we got our NIPT back today (so fast, did the draw last thurs) and everything is low risk! woohoo. what's interesting to me is that Natera didn't email me, i'm just obsessive and have been checking daily. i go in friday for a normal appt at 14w, which is a little off the normal timing, so i'm curious if we'll stay every 4w on this or make some adjustments. it's wild to think in theory i could have this appt an then the anatomy scan the next appt at 18w, or i guess i could go back in at 20w. but kind of hoping to do it at like ~18w. 

    Any big milestones? we've passed them all! 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? natm

  • Weeks/EDD? 14w4d, Sept 9th

    How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? Physically tired. Emotionally… okay!!

    Any appointment updates? We got our NIPT results back, everything is good. Hubby got bloodwork for SMA today, cause I’m high risk of carrying. Kinda scary. 

    Any big milestones? We found out we were having a boy last night! Never would’ve dreamed of this moment/coming this far after multiple losses. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? NATM.
  • Weeks/EDD? 13w3d / September 18 
    How are you feeling? Emotionally & physically? I'm so fed up with the first trimester symptoms.
    Any appointment updates? NIPT is good.
    Any big milestones? At the last scan baby looked good.
    Rants/Raves/Questions? I'm sorry, I know some of you find symptoms reassuring but I don't. I just hate being nauseated all the time and throwing up every night. I have meds, and it helps, but it's not always enough. And everything got so much worse since week 11 that I had to change the meds so I could be somewhat functional again. It was good for two days then I started feeling slightly nauseated and throwing up again, with the new meds too. I called my obgyn's office. I'm waiting for a callback. Thank you for taking the time to read my rants. People keep reminding me that it's only for a few weeks, but when it's all day, everyday, since three days before I could even get my positive on a pregnancy test, it feels like forever and it takes such a big toll on me.
  • @froggerblue Ughhhh, I’m so sorry to hear that you are still so sick! 😩 That is just awful! I’m praying that you get some relief SOON! 💛
  • @babysavvy hope you get YH's carrier testing back ASAP, congrats on the boy!
    @froggerblue i'm so sorry, that is so miserable.

    had my 14w appt this, and b/c i'm on a bit of a wonky timing and we have vacation next month i'll go back in 5 weeks and 19w3d for my anatomy scan. wild to think that's the halfway point!
  • @starlight8323 @anniemarie887 Thank you so much for your support. I really needed that. 
  • Sorry I need to tag. I’ll come back. 

    We had our 13 week early anatomy scan and baby was perfect. Everything measured on track - heart, brain, arms, legs - and I’m so relieved! 

    Now I think I feel ready to share. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

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