IVF and Diminished Ovarian Reserve

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Can someone suggest a good fertility clinic in the US that has a good doctor specialized in Diminished ovarian reserve? I’m desperately looking for a good clinic no matter the state.
Thank you

Re: IVF and Diminished Ovarian Reserve

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    I highly recommend New Hope Fertility Center in NYC. They specialize in DOR and do PRP therapy to help stimulate the ovaries. In my opinion they also offer the most diverse variety of protocols for non-responders with DOR. I live in Philadelphia and travel to NYC for my PRP but then do outside monitoring at a RMA clinic here in Philadelphia. While your treatment protocols will be personalized it can be challenging speaking with the docs when you live far away. A lot of communication is done via the portal with the nursing staff so make sure you ask lots of questions. They will speak with the docs but the email responses com from the nursing staff. If I hadn't been through other clinics and familiar with the process, I would have been frustrated. Everyone is very responsive but there is no hand have to been your own advocate and ask lots of questions if you're unsure of the process or want to know all your options.
  • I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with diminished ovarian reserve. It's definitely a difficult and frustrating situation to be in. You might want to look into Shady Grove Fertility or contact fertility experts from iyoni app who are considered to be one of the best in Europe. Hope this helps. 
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    You should look into Dr. Aimee. She has a lot of great educational videos on YouTube and her patients really love her.
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