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Due date Confusion

Lmp was 12/11, intercourse 12/18 ...... Due date 9/18
Does this mean I ovulated / conceived early? First time momma, confused by dates.

Re: Due date Confusion

  • Your due date is calculated by the first day of your last period, so due date looks to be spot on based on that. They don’t calculate due date from when you conceive! :)
  • Thank you! So does conception not really matter when looking at lmp?
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  • It doesn’t matter when it comes to calculating due date, but doesn’t mean it’s insignificant! Since everyone’s cycles are different lengths it’s hard to say exactly when you’re fertile during the month, but obviously you were! :) I have also read that sperm can actually survive inside of a woman for several days (like, up to 5!) so it doesn’t necessarily mean you ovulated exactly on the day of intercourse. It’s all crazy and amazing
  • @septemberboymom917 Like knottie said, due is calculated with the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Your due date might be updated after a dating ultrasound.
  • It may depend on the practice, but mine sets your due date based on conception date (if known) if you O’d more than a week “late”. But regardless, they may update it one way or the other after the dating ultrasound as @froggerblue said
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