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help ! 4 week old baby suddenly not sleeping at night

my 4 week old little girl was sleeping well at night, waking up around 2-3 times with 2-3 hours between. she’s EBF, doing light cluster feeding 1-2 hours before bed. suddenly at 4 weeks of age she is no longer sleeping at night, waking up every hour crying and fussing. 

i feel like things were going good. now i’m sitting her running on no sleep wondering what i’m doing wrong. 

Re: help ! 4 week old baby suddenly not sleeping at night

  • karbaudkarbaud member
    There could be various reasons. My pediatrician told me that babies generally become fussier at one month. My baby (now 6 weeks old) started drinking more per feed at 4 weeks which helped with sleep.
  • Oh, I completely understand! It might be a growth spurt or developmental leap causing the change in sleep pattern. I faced something similar with my little one , and guess what worked? Babies Magic Tea from Secrets of Tea! it is pure product - easy to digest and clean ingredients. It helped soothe my baby and improve her sleep. Maybe it could be a game-changer for you too!
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  • My 4 week old is going through this too. It is the opposite of fun!
  • 6 weeks is on average a growth spurt period. Have you tried to feed more at night? Hopefully it doesn't last that long. I'm going through it now with my 3 week old and I remember the fussiness of my son when he was 5/6weeks. 
  • Oh sweetheart, don't beat yourself up! First off, you're not doing anything wrong. Babies are just unpredictable little beings. It sounds like she hit a growth spurt, which can mess with sleep patterns. Try keeping things calm and cozy before bedtime—maybe a warm bath or a gentle lullaby. Baby sleep tea an hour before bedtime works wonders too. Also, make sure she's getting a good feed before tucking her in. It's tough, I know, but hang in there. This phase will pass, and soon you'll be back to those sweet, longer stretches of sleep. Mama, you got this!
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