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No more symptoms

I’m currently pregnant with twins. We had an 8 weeks check up and saw the babies on Monday. On Tuesday, I had brown discharge in my underwear. I feel like I barely have symptoms anymore and I don’t feel pregnant. Just get cranky every now and then but my sore breasts have almost completely stopped and I used to get nauseous at least once a day. I called my obgyn and they said the discharge was probably implantation and that I’m still early so they weren’t concerned about my lack of symptoms. Anyone else going through this or have any advice?

Re: No more symptoms

  • Lor423Lor423 member
    I went yesterday and my Dr. said the sore boobs go away maybe by 8 weeks, so I would try not to read into that. They also said 1st trimester spotting and even bleeding can be normal too.
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