September 2023 Moms

Paternity Help

October Period 10/16
November period 11/20
Plan B 11/25
Next period 12/11 lasting until 12/14
Bottom line - Periods always been off give or take a few days

Unprotected sex 12/18 Partner A
Ovulated (early) because of plan b in November , BEFORE or on 12/25 - Fertile days 20-25

Unprotected sex 26/27 Plan B 28th Partner B (we don’t speak)

+ Test 1/10 after getting sick all weekend prior ultrasound 1/11 4w 4d measuring

Babies measuring 9/24 due date but doctors believe Partner A and the babies smaller and will most likely come 9/17 and will catch up to themselves.

Hoping for some guidance / insight

Re: Paternity Help

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