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Anxiety and pregnancy

I have had a lot of anxiety over this pregnancy about to be 12 weeks and I made myself a list of things todo that will make me happy. One thing was buy the baby something. So I bought the cutest little onesie and a very soft elephant towel. It made me feel so good and I think it’s time to take a deep breath and get excited for this baby. I haven’t done the NPT test yet I am planning on it. But my man and I decided to wait to find out the sex at my 18 week ultra sound with maternal fetal medicine. Tell me ladies how has your anxiety been and how have you been managing it? I would love to hear some more ideas. I also have been in desperate search of a prenatal yoga class which is alot harder to find than I thought would be. 

Re: Anxiety and pregnancy

  • My anxiety has been through the roof. It’s so tough waiting between these monthly scans. I wanna see my baby more often and know that he/she is okay. 😫 I started my registry which takes a lot of time and energy away from my thoughts. So many brands and prices and and and. 
  • I do have some anxiety here and there. I am currently 11 weeks, 3 days. Listening to music and taking walks outside helps. Also watching happy/comedy movies. I do like to google newborn baby clothes, furniture ideas etc etc it definitely gives me comfort. My nausea and throwing up has been a little rough but I have to keep reminding myself that this is all temporary and even tho it’s kicking my butt, my body is doing what it’s supposed to. Learn a new recipe, a new hobby, anything… Just gotta try to distract yourself and do the things that make you happy! 
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  • I’m a FTM and this pregnancy was unexpected. At 28 - I’ll be 29 when I deliver - I’m doing this all on my own as the father wants nothing to do with us. I have pretty constant anxiety around if I can do this, if I should do this, if I should terminate, etc. I’ve wanted a baby and a family since I was little. However now that it’s happened, I’m doubting everything. You are not alone. Here for support.
  • First time mama here at 15 wks. I have a lot of anxiety too. I actually booked an additional ultrasound at this little boutique in a neighboring town that a nurse opened up and plan to do it more often. I message my OB team often with symptoms that worry me. I know many might not do these things, but it helps me, and I try not to think about what others might say - “don’t worry it’ll be fine” “you don’t need to do that” - the reassurance for me is priceless! I find talking with my partner about my worries, but saving the excitement for my friends helps - I love talking about baby names with them! Walking, time in nature and the sun, quiet non phone time, fruits and veggies, music…try to add some more self care into each day if you can! <3 we’re all just trying our best. Hope your pregnancy continues to go smoothly for you :) 
  • I’ve also booked sessions with a local women’s PT. If you have a physical therapist or pelvic floor therapist in the area, they can help prepare you for birth and show you pregnancy moves to help with symptoms like back pain, hip or joint stiffness, etc. Could be nice in addition to prenatal yoga! 
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    I feel you! I was a ball of anxiety during my first pregnancy last year but with this one I sometimes forget I’m pregnant because I’m so busy taking care of the first baby and working! It’s totally different the second time around. As for the yoga- you can find free classes on YouTube! Light a candle or open a window contingent on weather carve out half an hour and get to stretching. Outdoor walks help tremendously. Talk to your baby and write down all the fun things you look forward to doing together. They’ll enjoy reading it when they’re older and it puts you in a positive mindset
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