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  • I picked up an unknown number on my phone and it was the flooring company who redid our kitchen last summer. They were running a sale and wanted to know if I had any upcoming projects I could book through them. Perfect timing because DH and I need to carpet the nursery! I swear this is the only time I was glad to have answered an unknown number :lol:
  • I just dropped $200 on the willow wearable wireless pump. And that was with some covered by insurance  :#

    But, on days where I've got a sick kid at home or something, I need the wireless pump. So I am glad I got it! I was going to go with the Elvie, but that was more to buy through insurance.
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  • Ooooh @gingermama46 I'm so glad to hear this. I've been spending far too much time on Aeroflow trying to make a decision. I'm between the Imani, Willow and Elvie. I definitely need a wearable (I still have my motif luna from my last pregnancy, so it won't be my primary pump) for driving and working around the house, but I just can't make a decision. Was cost your biggest driving factor? I don't want it to leak, I want a pretty strong motor since I usually have to crank up my non-wearable pumps to get good output, but I don't really care all that much about the shape/size.
  • @BourbonBiscuits I got mine from Aeroflow! My spectra will be my primary pump. I have a hand me down I keep at home for pumping, and the one I got through insurance with my oldest at work. I had asked a friend who has the Elvie what she liked about it, her insurance covered the whole thing, pretty sure she was able to use her FSA (which I don't have). I was in between the Elvie and the Willow. The Willow was $209 and the Elvie was $350 so cost was definitely the deciding factor. I read enough reviews that the only difference I found was that the Willow reviews said that there was a learning curve to it. Which I am willing to work with since I won't be using it as the primary pump. Other reviews said that Willow had a stronger suction. I just looked at a comparison on What to Expect, their choice was the Willow.

    If you get the Willow, let me know we can walk through set up together since apparently it's a big deal!
  • Y’all there are so many more pumps this time than when I had my youngest 6 years ago. I went on a search of all the websites I could find to look at what pumps I could get through my insurance and every site had a little different pump selections that cost was either the same or different. So I’ve been trying to shop around and visually see what’s possibly available to me. I used medela because back then I only had like 4 options. Breast pumps are totally overwhelming me. How do you guys just pick one?  
  • @jeep4x4mom it's totally overwhelming. I think there are a few things to consider when choosing a pump (especially as a STM). I feel like most people just choose convenience ("oh I can wear this in my bra while grocery shopping! Add to cart!") but I focus instead on motor strength and vibration. I know that in the part before letdown (stimulation? I don't remember what it's called) I respond best to vibration and quick turnover. After letdown, I need a pretty strong motor still with vibration. I also want to be able to hit the letdown button multiple times during a session, so having easy access to that is important to me. 

    Do you still have your medela? I used an ameda (sucked) and a medela (loved) with my 6yo and it lasted throughout nursing my second. 
  • @jeep4x4mom I'm in the same boat of overwhelmed. The last two babies, my insurance company literally covered one pump.  When the baby was born, the doctored signed a form and the pump was mailed to me.  Now I can literally pick anything not hospital grade.  I'm currently debating getting a more expensive one through insurance and then a cheaper one for convenience, like keeping one at work or something.   I've got to do a lot more googling this weekend.
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    How many newborn outfits/sleepers do you have or plan to have? We had a ton of stuff for my son six years ago (I went through it all a few weeks ago and was surprised how much there was 😂) and can’t for the life of me remember how much we actually used. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits I don’t have it. I gave all baby related things away when she was 2 to friends that couldn’t afford much. I was told it was unlikely for me to get pregnant again so we parted with 99% of things. Surprisingly it happened in 2021 with our angel twins and then again 1.5 years later with this rainbow baby. So I called my insurance and got the wedsites and did my research sorta. I went with motif duo. I might end up buying the avent pump as it has silicone massager parts. It’s sad that breast pumps are all different and might not be a good fit. Everybody is different so it’s a harder decision than buying a car 😩
  • @ashleyp625 shoot I don’t even know. I think I have at least 30 outfits/sleepers if not more hanging in his closet already. I can’t even remember how many I went through 6 years ago 😬. My mom keeps saying it’s a lot, her youngest is now 26 (how can she remember and I can’t 😂). I watched my friends baby who was 2m at the time to get baby training in we’re having a boy and diaper changes are 100% more challenging with boys and the cold air. I only changed him once out of watching him for 6 hours. He didn’t spit up which some babies do and can spit up often and a lot. So it depends. I think 5 outfits/sleepers a day depending on when you do laundry is a rough number to think of. I am curious to what other think. I was blessed with lots of hand me downs from friends and new clothes since this is the first boy on both sides of the family! So I have loads and I’m sharing that love with my friends baby since he will be roughly 5m when my little guy is born. 
  • @ashleyp625 I might only start with a few sleepers: DD really liked her swaddle sack and she was born in the middle of summer, so we usually put her in the swaddle sack with a white onesie underneath. She stayed in newborn clothes for about a month, and I remember repeating outfits a lot because every single person said babies grow out of newborn clothes "right away." :unamused: So I'm just gonna eyeball it for this little guy  :D 
  • @hestia-is-wearie ok that makes me feel better. O was born in October so he had to be fully clothed all the time 😂 in the back of my mind, I think I was planning to see how she big she came out and get more if I needed it, but the front of my mind freaked about it yesterday for some reason lol 
  • I had a growth scan today, mostly to check to see if my placenta is still low lying (it’s not, hooray!) and it was so fun to get to see the baby more fleshed out than at the anatomy scan 12 weeks ago. He is the spitting image of my husband, of course. I’m just here to do all the heavy lifting of growing a kid that looks nothing like me! 😂
  • @courtney701 My daughter was born looking exactly like my husband, but three years later she's turned into my mini-me  :) So you never know!
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    *not looking for medical advice, just experiences*
    Has anyone successfully tried flipping a breech baby? Today at my appointment, my midwife suggesting reading up on Spinning Babies, but I don’t think I’m flexible enough to do most of that stuff without falling over 😬 
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