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Potential blood in poop - pic included

I have an appt today, but also wanted to know if anyone has experience with their baby’s poop looking like this? She’s 5 weeks old, ebf, and I haven’t experienced this until this morning.

Here’s a second pic from a poop she just had (3 hours from the first pic).

She was straining to poop at both 4 and 8 this morning, which has become her new norm the past few nights. She eats fine throughout the day, and then at night she tends to cluster feed, so we’ve been giving her a bottle of breast milk at 8 and she sleeps until 12:30/1:30 and then breastfeeds. She’ll then sleep until 3/4, and wake up seemingly hungry, but won’t eat much and will instead work on a big poop for about 30 min. She’ll then wake up around 8, and same thing (will eat a little but will mostly work on pooping). She isn’t actually eating any a normal amount again until 10/11.

Re: Potential blood in poop - pic included

  • You may want to check with your pediatrician. The pediatrician and the sources online say that sometimes when there is blood in the baby’s poop it may mean the baby has allergy to mom’s diet particularly dairy. They recommend cutting of dairy products for a few weeks as it takes some time for it to leave the system. 
  • How old is your little one? I found out with my baby girl that in the weeks after birth that the change in my hormones can cause vaginal blood in the baby and it lasted about 2 weeks for us before it stopped. 
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    My 1st daughter had the EXACT same thing. Talk to your pediatrician. But It’s most likely a Dairy and Soy intolerance. (MSPI) I found for myself and my daughter that cutting dairy from my diet, and eventually hers, brought the greenish color poop back to the yellow poop (what color is should be for ebf babies) and cutting soy took away the blood. I was dairy free and soy free for about a year and a half before my daughter could tolerate it and now she is 2 1/2 and eats dairy and soy with no issues. It’s a lot more common than you think and there are tons of groups on fb that you could join for recipes and just advice if you needed it. But basically sometimes babies GI tracts just have a tough time breaking down the proteins in dairy and soy. And the proteins in soy are super similar to the proteins in dairy. So a lot of times if your baby has an intolerance to one they will probably have it to the other. It’s frustrating in the beginning to cut those things from your diet because both are in just about everything but once you do, it gets easier! Sorry, I know how scary it can be to see blood in baby’s poop, but you’re doing great mama! 
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