November 2023 Moms


Hey everyone I made a FB group for us!!

If the link doesn’t work :)
It’s called topaz and vitrines baby’s 2023


  • so I got rid of Facebook in 2018 when I went through an awful divorce. Created a new one for my last due date club in 2021. So my fb is super private. But even still, this group is new, I don’t know anyone well enough yet to be in a fb group with them. I hope everyone understands! We didn’t do a fb group til 3rd trimester as mamas were approaching their due date. By then we knew each other well enough for that. I’ll hold off until 3rd trimester and just stick to in here for now :) 
  • What @ashsowers2020 said. In my opinion, way too early to join a fb group. I may be open to it closer to go time though. 
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  • KiekKiek member
    I’m totally down maybe closer to the third trimester. My Feb 2016 fb group from here is super tight. We go on trips together and everything. So I’m totally down. But I just need a little more time 🙂
  • Yes! I’m still close with my August 2015 group and we do regional meetups from time to time. 
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