Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Drool rash

I’m guessing my baby is teething because he has been drooling SO MUCH more than usual (along with extra fussiness). He drools so much it completely saturates the front of his onesie. He’s also a little chunker with an extra chin or two (: last week I noticed some small red bumps on his chin and now fast forward a week later and under his chin looks so painful… it’s a bunch of little bumps and really red and irritated looking. I’ve done aquaphor through the day, clean it and keep dry bibs on but it’s not getting any better. It’s now spreading to the back of his ears and back of neck. Thinking of calling the doctor to see if there is a medicated cream I can put on. Any mamas have any tricks that worked for this?

Re: Drool rash

  • Nipple cream/ointment has been working for me! That and the cerave healing ointment before bedtime /naps and the nipple cream in btw that. We use the earth mama all natural one but I used lanolin one w my first and it worked too. 
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