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Does anyone’s baby hold their breath?

FTM, baby will be 8mo next week. For about the last month, my baby holds her breath and then pants. She doesn’t turn blue or pass out (which I read are breath holding spells), she does it a lot during diaper changes and during feedings. When she’s happy and distracted or sleeping, she’s fine.
I showed a video to the doctor who thought it looked behavioral, and I’ve brought her in twice to be checked to make sure she doesn’t have any breathing distress and she’s been fine.
But this is concerning me so much and I’m not sure what to do.
Is anyone else’s baby doing this type of thing? What have you done/are you doing about it?

Re: Does anyone’s baby hold their breath?

  • kconsul17kconsul17 Just Joined
    Hi!! My first kid is a breath holder and my second does what you’re describing. I am also an ER nurse. When your baby starts to hold her breath, try blowing in her face. Typically it irritates them and they will take a breath. Hope this helps!
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