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I had a D&C 5 days ago and within the past two days urge to pee a lot

I had a D&C 5 days ago and within the last two days I started to feel pressure down there causing me to feel the constant urge to pee. No other symptoms, but maybe my urine feels a little warm, but that isn’t every time, I think it just feels that way when I go pee back to back. Anyone experience this and it not be a UTI? I went to the OB and they sent my urine out to test for a UTI, but just curious if anyone else had this feeling and it wasn’t infection and did it go away? Thanks


  • I get a similar feeling when my pelvic floor is really tight. You could try to do some deep breathing exercises to relax and open up the PF, but testing for a UTI is definitely a good idea. 
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