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6.5 month old won’t eat solids/purees

Hi everyone! Looking for some advice as a new mom when it comes to starting solids. We started our son on purées at the end of 5 months and occasionally he will like something (blueberries). We’ve been trying baby led weaning as well and he doesn’t understand the food in front of him and just plays with it and will not put it to his mouth. Recently he has started groaning and crying when we try feeding him with a spoon. I feel like I’ve tried so many things and he only wants his bottle. (We try feeding purée/solids before a bottle). The doctor said we really need to get him on solid foods because he is in the 5th percentile for his weight. His dad is also slim and was like this as a baby. He gets 7oz of formula every 3 hours every day and we put baby cereal oatmeal in his bottles. I’m scared he isn’t gaining enough weight. We have to go to the doctor to do weight checks but I can’t force him to eat.
Does solid feeding just take time?

Re: 6.5 month old won’t eat solids/purees

  • I'd request a referral to a dietitian. Before 12 months, his nutrition and calories should be coming mostly from formula or breastmilk. Food is for fun and practice at this age, not weight gain, and it sounds like he's not ready. Generally if weight is a problem and he seems to be taking in enough ounces of milk, they'll next have you increase the caloric density of your formula, or supplement with formula if you're using breast milk. If he's always been in the fifth percentile, then it wouldn't be a problem, He may just naturally be small. They want to make sure he stays on his growth curve. If he's been jumping to a lower growth curve, that's where they'd be concerned and talk about supplementing. It sounds like your doctor isn't super well versed in infant nutrition, so that's why I'd ask for a referral to a specialist who can determine if there's a problem and get you accurate info and a plan if needed.
  • 6.5 is still really young. It’s possible he’s not ready yet. Formula should still be #1 source of nutrition until 12 mo so his doc seems wack. Just keep trying and bringing him to table hungry/not tired. He’ll get there
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  • Just in case anyone finds this that has the same problem, I would ask your doctor about fortifying the bottles. That's what they do in nicu to help the babies gain weight when they're preemie. You can add formula to pumped breastmilk, or mix formula extra strong. OBVIOUSLY there are exact amounts they would recommend and you need to check with them to get the right ratio and you could mess it up if you just start dumping extra in bottles, but it's something you could ask about. 
    It sounds like this baby was so not ready for food and he knew it. The doctor should have recommended fortifying, in my opinion, based on this info. 
  • Also, my doctor says as long as my kids are following their own curve she's never worried. Genetics vary so drastically and some kids are healthy in the extremes of the charts. 
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