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My last pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I was around 12 weeks & after my ultrasound the doctor called me & told me I was having a miscarriage. He told me that if I didn't start bleeding within a couple days we would set up another ultrasound for the following week then we would probably have to do a d&c. Well a couple days later I began bleeding in the morning. Then in the middle of the night the bleeding got much heavier. I couldn't even make it from my toilet to the bathroom door without the pad totally overflowing. I sat on the toilet hoping the bleeding would slow down for a while. Then I finally called an ambulance when I went to stand up and collapsed and couldn't walk. 
I ended up having to have a d&c done & had to get blood transfusions. This was on December 19th. I stopped bleeding exactly 2 weeks later, & four weeks ago today. On January 2nd. I haven't gotten my period yet. & To ease my fiance's mind I got pregnancy tests. The day before yesterday I tested & there's a faint line. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they know if there's any other reason the line may be there or is it more likely that I'm already pregnant again?
Honestly I can't say I'd be totally disappointed if I am. I want another baby. & so does he. But he's worried something is going to happen again if I get pregnant too soon after the miscarriage.

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    Have they been following your HCG levels since the miscarriage (doing blood draws)? If not, you may still have HCG on your system from that pregnancy. When I had a loss, it took about 2 months for my levels to go back to zero, so I would've still had a positive line on a pee test, even though I was no longer pregnant 
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    Sadly no I haven't. That certainly would have made things easier. I'm thinking I might just have to test weekly & see if the line is getting darker or lighter. I just can't stand not knowing either way. That's very good to know though. I didn't even know that was possible. So thank you.
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    @amberlynn0418 Please keep in mind that PG tests are qualitative, not quantitative.  Therefore, the 'darkness' of a line doesn't mean anything.  People test post-MC to wait and see when a line disappears.  That way they know their HCG has reached below the # it tests for.  (which varies depending on type of test).  The only way you can know if your current HCG is from a new PG or an old one is to call your doctor and ask for HCG Beta Quant tests, have blood drawn every 48 hours, and see if the HCG number is going up or down.
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