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Did you have to confirm pregnancy with blood test?

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Hello! I am newly pregnant for the first time, 3 weeks 6 days! I just called for my first ultrasound appt and to my surprise, they said I don’t need to come in beforehand to confirm pregnancy with a blood test from the lab. Is this normal? My DH is concerned that it is strange/abnormal. TIA ❤️

Re: Did you have to confirm pregnancy with blood test?

  • No, you confirm pregnancy with a pregnancy test. You do not need to go to the hospital. 
  • Thank you! I’m not sure why I thought that. Getting excited for the first appointment even though it’s still a month away 🥰
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  • I was surprised too. My mom told me that I would have to see the Dr and confirm with blood work, but they also only scheduled me for an ultrasound at 8 weeks.
    Good luck it's also my first! :)
  • I’m not actually referring to an emergency room visit, just a lab for blood work….
  • Aww very similar experience to me! I can’t wait for that first ultrasound! Congratulations and good luck to you too! 😊
  • Most people only get lab work when they have had a history of losses. Although, I have had 2 losses, I don’t go in for lab work. I just pee on a stick and call it good. 
  • A positive test is a positive test.  No need for a hospital- waste if resources for those who truly need it.  

    It is very normal NOT to be seen until 8 weeks. There is no reason to be seen before that, as there is nothing that can be done before hand. 

    At the 8 week appointment they will probably do an office test to confirm, go over your and your SO medical history. Do a pap and schedule and ultrasound - IF they feel its needed. 
  • I never got blood work specifically to confirm. They did blood work at my first appt to check for a whole bunch of stuff. I remember seeing a positive for HCG in my labs but I can’t remember if it was from urine or blood. Regardless, I never got betas. My first appt was at 7 weeks and we just did an ultrasound to confirm everything was progressing as expected. 
  • Thank you! I guess it was a random assumption I had! Learning that it is mostly common with history of loss. I am so excited for my first ultrasound!!
  • I wish they just told me a positive stick is enough. They have sent me through an anxiety loop hole with blood tests early on and levels not rising as well as they should early. It’s good you don’t get a blood test!!
  • My OB group makes you come in to confirm pregnancy before they schedule an ultrasound. It’s very common, just depends on your OB. I agree it’s kinda a waste of time, but 🤷🏽‍♀️ whatcha gonna do. I have my appointment to “confirm pregnancy” today! I’m already 7w+4d so hopefully I can get an ultrasound scheduled asap
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