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Blood banking this time around

I have talked to my doc about blood banking. I'm 0- and have not taken the covid vaccine. She looked at me like I was insane. But my blood will match my babies and myself. (Universal donor) so if we don't need it I'm sure someone will. 

I got home that very day and was sent a story from a colleague about a baby who had a heart issue and was not likely to need a blood transfusion but the parents asked a non covid vaccinated donor to bank their blood, just in case. 

Baby did need a transfusion. The hospital bypassed their request. Gave them someone else's blood. The baby had a clot from his knee to his nose within 20 min and passed. 

Never thought this would be something to think of pre delivery. Last time I delivered was at the peak of lockdown insanity. And I refused testing as to not be separated from my child. They had not had someone refuse but were more than OK with it. You are your own and your LO advocate always remember that whilst in the hospital. 

Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else had thought of this for this birthing season? 
I was amazed how many people have asked for my blood post delivery when I asked about this on other social media sites. Seems it's very common in pregnant couples now so I thought I'd ask on here too. 

Re: Blood banking this time around

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    I see why your doctor looked at you like you were insane, given your conspiracy-theory reasoning for wanting to use your own blood. It's not what you want, but their judgement of your intelligence because of why you want it . But it is your body and your choice, even if it is based on misinformation.

    It is not unheard of for people to refuse blood transfusions for personal belief reasons, particularly for Jehovah's Witnesses. Some jW's do find it acceptable to use their own blood, so if you feel strongly about using your own blood, you may want to explore how JW's navigate the system to make that happen. There's probably information online, and you may need to connect with the hospital chaplain and/or patient advocate to determine how to make it work in your hospital, if they allow that; if not, you can search for a hospital that might. You can ultimately refuse a transfusion for yourself, though you may need an advance directive on file if you feel strongly enough that you rather them let you die than give you someone else's blood. Otherwise they may end up obligated to give you blood to save your life.

    For your child, though, you may not be able to refuse blood (medical neglect), and you may not be able to require that they use your blood. It's one thing to say you can only accept your own blood, but it's different to say your child can accept someone else's blood, but only a certain someone (you) or blood only from certain donors (not vaccinated against one particular disease). So on that front, I think it's unlikely you'll be able to find any professional willing to go against scientific knowledge to cater to your desires. 
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    My doc is on board 100%. She just had not heard this request yet. It's not a conspiracy theory, btw. Both of my Grandmas banked their blood at their doctors request back in the day. 

    There are places that do it. And if you bank ahead of time you will have the blood there an ready. Again I'm a universal donor so my child will be at my side no matter what and would have access to my blood. Also I'll have banked prior to delivery. Why go elsewhere? 

    I have a friend whose Father died of HIV because of dirty blood transfusion. So no worrying about this is not out of the ordinary. 

    This is not a religious thing on my part. Just a concern of an untested vaccine. It's only been a couple years. We will not know long term affects for sometime. I will be patient and wait. And part of this is not giving it to my child and by giving vaccinated blood, especially MRNA blood you do give it to your child. This vaccine was created for something I have caught twice. Covid when properly treated does not last long and is not that intense. Atleast the 2 times I got it, it wasn't. I have asthma and was pregnant both times I caught it. Which is great as my child now has the antibodies. No vaccine necessary. 

    Glad to see your decision on this. I love hearing everyone's thoughts. Especially the condescending ones. 

    I'm still curious of others. I'm sure this won't be the last offensive message this question receives. 

    Being cautious is not crazy. Especially in this backwards world. 
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