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How did you know? Why did you decide to test?

I’ve been wanting to get pregnant with our second child so I’ve been tracking my ovulation schedule and we obviously nailed it! Lol I planned on taking a test on Wednesday or Thursday, about two weeks from ovulation. However, I’m home from work today my dog won’t leave my side, being extra clingy, climbing in my lap, and sitting on me, so I tested and BINGO! I’m beyond excited and I’m going to tell my husband next week when I make the shirt for our current daughter!

Re: How did you know? Why did you decide to test?

  • I’ve also been tracking & was going to wait the full two weeks…but didn’t. My husband told me to wait a few more days but I decided to test randomly last night and was positive! I was so shocked I called him in to look at it. I have health issues and this is our first so we weren’t really expecting it. I wish I would’ve waited to tell him but we’ve been so hopeful, I just wanted him there with me! Really hoping it sticks, congrats to you!!!!
  • There is no wrong way to tell him! What an exciting start to your journey! Congratulations!!!
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  • That's so exciting! And yeah, no wrong way share the news. I couldn't have kept it to myself, the only reason I was able to put together a cute reveal was that my fiance was at work when I found out.
    I had been teasing him about the baby from day one, then I started having symptoms and I KNEW it was happening. Headaches, lightheadedness...then a couple days later some queasiness and not-quite-heartburn. I picked up early result tests so I'd know (that I wasn't crazy) as soon as possible. Since I've been irregular, I started testing 5 days before the earliest date that my period might show up. A couple days in, last week Monday, I thought it was negative again...but as I watched that second line started to fade in.
  • I kept getting bloody noses and that happened with my first. Also it's usually easy for me to pick something to eat but I've been kind of queasy and nothing sounds good. 3 days before my period I took a test and the line showed up right away
  • I was tracking and kiiinda TTC so I knew right away. And my husband was right there with me while I took the test! 
  • My period was late by three days. I'm normally pretty regular, but I'd started taking some new supplements, so thought that might have delayed it. Well, when it didn't show up by 16 dpo, i took a cheapie test and got a blazing positive. We've been trying for so long, so it was a welcomed sight.
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