2nd Trimester

Nose bleeding at week 21

having running nose and some minor bleeding does anyone have similar issue

Re: Nose bleeding at week 21

  • Runny nose could be because of the weather and dry bitter air inside and nosebleeds are typical for winter pregnancies as my dr told me. I found it helpful to take night showers with hot water- breathe in the steam and if you’re up to it shoot snot rockets towards your drain. It helped me feel better faster! Also nosebleed tip: use cold water and qtips. Wet them, rim them around the inside of your nose, continue until needed and then gently apply cold water one last time. I got one terrible nosebleed in the shower a few weeks back and yelled for hubby to bring ice water. I was fine nose wise a few minutes later 
  • Thank you for your comment 
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  • My nose bleeds started at 20 weeks. It's cold here, so the Heater is on which makes the air dry causing more irritation and bleeding. I got a humidifier for my desk a small one to stay next to me and one on my side of the bed and they're on whenever I'm near them. It helped out alot.

    Air out the house whenever you can. I try to keep a window open for fresh air. It will get better
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