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Anyone else absolutely struggling with hyperemesis? Anything helping you get through the day? I’m down close to 40 pounds. IV fluids, meds, the whole thing. My friends and family are so supportive but can get frustrated with the helplessness. The anxiety is terrible but all of my usual go-to’s to help (yoga, walks, meditation, etc.) are far too exhausting. 

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    Yes, and it’s been horrible!! I feel your pain. I was hospitalized at week 8/9 for like 5 days, on ringers the entire time. They gave me suppositories that, strangely enough, worked pretty well. I only used them at night and they helped me sleep. They also have me on B6 3x a day.

    While I was inpatient, I was told to stock up on Gatorade and pretzels for home and snacks. Snack like a toddler; small portions, every 2 hours. Jello, ice cream, goldfish, toast, two chicken strips, a handful of raspberries, w/e works! I’m almost 14w now and I still wear my Blisslet acupressure bracelets, take the b6, and stay stocked up on 3 different ginger candies (candied, lozenge, and chews), Gatorade (lemon/lime), ginger ale, watermelon juice, apple sauce, pretzels, plain bread (for toast), Italian ice, and almond nut/butter bars. PS almonds are great for settling stomachs.

    One thing OB kept telling me is to eat something immediately when you wake up, even if it’s a handful of pretzels. And play around with what time of day you take your prenatals or switch brands.

    Hopefully, you’ll find something soon that works for you. If you haven’t called your OB, it would probably be a good idea. You might be able to avoid becoming inpatient again.
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