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Hi I’m new! Very scared first time mommy …

I’m 33 and this is my first time being pregnant. I’m 5 weeks 4 days today and since Tues night I’ve had off and on like twinge like cramps mixed with ones that feel like menstrual cramps every so often. No blood or anything but I went to be seen today and they scheduled an ultrasound for later. I’m sooo nervous and worried. My boobs don’t hurt as badly today but still had some morning sickness. I’m just so worried and I feel alone with no one that understands.

Re: Hi I’m new! Very scared first time mommy …

  • First, always call your doctor when you're concerned (which it sounds like you did, great!). I had my first baby a month ago, and only had a loss before that. Twinges and mild cramps are normal, you will continue to get those through the first trimester because your uterus is growing, even when the baby is still teeny tiny. I know it's scary, but try to stay calm and listen to the doctors. What you described sounds normal. If the cramps are moderate or worse, or if you get cramps and bleeding, that's more concerning, so definitely call if you experience that, but it's okay to call anytime you're concerned- they're used to nervous mamas! Your other symptoms (breast pain, nausea, etc.) can also come and go on a daily basis in a healthy pregnancy, and may even continue for a while if you have a loss, so don't rely on those as any indicator either way. I hope your ultrasound is reassuring today!
  • Thank you so much!!!! I hope we are able to at least
    see something. Ob won’t see me until after Feb 7. So hard to not worry.
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  • I am sorry you feel so alone, i know there are many women out there that have felt the same as you. The sooner you can see your doctor the better, maybe contact a free pregnancy confirmation clinic for the ultrasound! I dont have a Doctor where i am staying currently and an outreach clinic is who i reached out to to make sure my baby is well! stay calm (i know that is hard) and try to relax until you can be seen. that is the best thing for you and your baby. hoping all is very well and that you two can carry on this journey happily
  • Hi All! I am 39 years old, pregnant for the first time and also experiencing all the anxiety and worry. I am 5 weeks 6 days today and also getting the twinging on the left and sometimes on the right. No morning morning sickness at all. And my boob soreness also comes and goes. My first ultrasound is next week Thursday and it cannot come soon enough. The wait is brutal.
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