2nd Trimester

Allergies & Sinuses

My seasonal allergies have been insane. Finally talked to doc they recommended Zyrtec for some relief. This did initially help with the nasal drip but now my face hurts like I have a sinus infection. Waiting to speak to another doc to see if there is a safe treatment. Anyone else experiencing horrible allergies??

Re: Allergies & Sinuses

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    Flonase will be your friend! 
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    shorty-sarshorty-sar member
    edited January 2023
    Sinus rinses saved my sinuses! I had a cold during early 2nd tri that felt like it turned into a sinus infection(I know what they feel like since I have a deviated septum and prone to them). The Dr didn’t want to do anything until I had symptoms for 10 days or a fever. The rinse helped get rid of the gunk, but did hurt at first with the sinus pressure. I use a squeeze bottle version and not the Neti pot. 
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    It could be preganncy rhinitis. I have have a plugged nose since the start of my pregnancy. Not much mucus, just inflammation. I get to claustrophobic at might because I can't breathe and can't sleep. Doctor recommended anxiety meds when the actual issue is my nose! They don't understand how much it can affect our lives. I'm looking into taking sudafed. Ask your doctor about that, it may help 
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