Pregnant after a Loss

Afraid to be excited

I had a miscarriage at about 9 weeks this past December. I haven’t even had my first period since then and I just found out I’m expecting again. We were planning on waiting til the spring to try again, so this definitely took us by surprise. I want to be happy, but I feel so conflicted because I’m still upset about the loss last month. I’m having so much anxiety because I have next to no symptoms, just like the previous pregnancy and I’m terrified of losing again. It’s so hard to be positive and stay calm.

Re: Afraid to be excited

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    Ask your OB if they can do bi weekly blood tests on you if to verify everything is going well. My doctor said they could do that for me after my loss. I am so sorry for your loss and I know it is so scary to be pregnant again and think about all the what ifs. I lost mine in November and am now pregnant again. I am so happy but terrified at the same time. I am sorry you have not healed more before this but try your best to just think about what you can control and be positive.
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